GSP Craft Brewing - Brews

We design, develop and brew handcrafted beers rooted in traditional styles that uniquely exhibit Northwest character. Our beer is influenced by a unique blend of culinary expertise, engineering and technological experience.

We believe that the understanding of the four primary ingredients in beer, combined with an equal understanding of the integration of those ingredients for a desired result allows us to produce beers with exceptional qualities. 

Our individual style and technique integrates the art, science and chemistry of recipe development with the engineering, physics and logic of process methodology.

Our recipe development consists of the discovery of the proper combination of natural and organic water chemistery, grains, hops and yeasts that collectively produce the desired flavor, aroma, color, and texture profile. Mashing, lautering, boiling,fermentation, and conditioning processes are then specifically designed and engineered to achieve maximum efficiency of the recipe.

We are currently working on (5) of our recipes to produce exceptional handcrafted beer of the highest quality possible using only the finest ingredients available.  

Watch for our "Opening Day" IPA on tap at a location near you!