GSP Craft Brewing - The GSP Process

We are leveraging innovative technology in the design and development of our brewing system to more accurately monitor, measure, and ultimately control crucial efficiency factors in real time. This is inclusive of precise temperature control, staged timing, pump automation, and accurate real-time monitoring. We can also record in detail our exact processes which provide us with the ability to perform meticulous analysis. We utilize this information to modify and improve our methods and recipes and better manage our successes and failures to avoid what does not work and to repeat with great precision what does work.

In the nomenclature of craft brewing the word "efficiency" is often misinterpreted and therefore must be used with great care. We feel that it is imperative for all who enjoy craft beer to clearly understand the difference.

Efficiency in the business world is the comparison of what is actually produced or performed with what can be achieved with the same consumption of time and resources to more effectively determine productivity.

In contrast, brewing efficiency is the calculation of the overall efficiency of a brewing system. Primarily, this is determined by the system's ability to consistently extract the maximum potential of the ingredients to produce the desired result.

With the advent of "push-button breweries" that almost entirely automate the brewing process with the purpose of "efficiently" producing beer quickly with less effort, we want to distinguish ourselves as innovators with the purpose of refining systems, equipment, and processes to result in maximum "efficiency" in a genuine brewing sense while remaining true to the craft of creating great handmade beers.